Oooh, it was a scorcher and you are faced with the decision, win the trophy for the downhill without the standard parade hazard, or go for the glory of the First Messenger Challenge, a lap around Lake Union with five stops with a package at each, and win the plane ticket to DC for the World Messenger Challenge. Tough choice for the burly.

Linda's Tavern, 707 E Pine, a popular messenger watering hole, served as the start of this year's downhill. Damn near a one-turn ride to the shop, but you just know that isn't the fastest way. T-001 made a guest appearance, hoping to race, but then toppled in front of the starting line in the worst of form. It's pilot decided against racing.

Everyone saw fit to their internal lubrication and assumed their personal race face, from intense through pensive to digesting. Giddy giggles frequently fissured even the most serious. Tires were full and true, brakes tight and responsive. Cleat in!! And they're off!

The trombone provided an auditory significance to the start, even though we didn't hear it over the radio. Hey you! With the bike!

All the Dead Babies were there.

And Linda's was markedly quieter. But wait, there's more...

Now while these guys are haulin' hiney down Capitol Hill clipped by their toes to their skinny steel horses, those interested in the plane ticket got additionally lubricated and real serious.

Lotsa helmets.

And raring to go. This is for the plane ticket, kids.

Oooh, see the winner? I do.

And they're off!

Well hey, we're just getting started... check back later...

Take me to the finish!