MY So I made the other page, with "a bunch of fonts I've collected (simply found elsewhere on the internet, mind you, none are mine)" and thought to myself, "Self, hell, you are so damn computer nerdy as well as unabashedly proud of your penmanship, you've got a piece of graph paper, and an old blunted, drying out 'Sharpie' in your vast collection of such things, and you should get to work on YOUR OWN FONT, already, as you haven't done that ever, and a dwindling 2013 just might be the year for it." And then I Googled up "make your own font" or somesuch and came across "" and the rest as they say is the history of how I spent the last Monday of 2013, with a thouroughly manageable step-by-step process, a print from Dad's computer, a dried out Sharpie, Henry Hickmen's scanner, and a little web app at their site. "Save for Web" at a mere 68% to get the 8.5x11 greyscale image under the 2MB limit, your mileage may vary, but don't think it won't work until you check the filesize, because it works great under 2MB. Yay!
Filename Size Samples NOTES/LINKS
dook0.ttf (dookie's zeroest font) 24 KB well, the lowercase "o" is a little low, the cap Z's got some extra front tail on it, so I tried a coupla of freewares to fix it, but finally getting the external box for my broken-screen laptop, decided I hadn't done a fresh WinXP install enough times for 2013, so got all into that. bad luck saving anything with fontforge, sadly, as I do love and use sourceforge greatly, am now fiddling with TypeLight, which seems to move up the "o" but has trouble saving? I'll figure that next year...

still loving DIR2HTML 1.1.0 for starting all this.

31 December 2013